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Mr. Nikos Ioannidis

Address :
Katharades, Greece - 72200

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+30-28420 / 61008

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Email Address : cretanproducts@gmail.com

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The value of Cretan nutrition is known globally & considered to be as the best example of Mediterranean diet. Traditional Cretan diet decreases the danger for occurrence cardiovascular diseases, fatness, saccharoid diabetes & it has pro ageing action. It covers all your expectations for better quality life, offering at the same time good health and long life.

We, today’s Cretans, feel the need to deliver human kind, the secret of life. The main concept of Crete’s Co. & its people (sommeliers, connoisseurs, botanists etc) is to discover and select at every phase the unique products of Cretan land and offer them to the world.

Crete’s Co. has all promotional means for guaranteed & awarded Basket of Products & permission to deliver them, so they reach your door safely.

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